Hey, I am Sam and I am a visual storyteller.  My degree...
Hey, I am Sam and I am a visual storyteller.

My degree from the University of Missouri has provided me with the opportunity to learn and practice journalism in a very comprehensive way. In May, I graduated with an emphasis in Convergence and International Journalism. I have had the opportunity to report locally and abroad. My degree has also allowed me to attain skills in photography, videography, audio, and print.

Although I have a diverse background in journalism, photography is something I feel born to do. Photojournalism requires trust between photographer and subject; It is not human instinct to let a stranger inside and capture their world. But journalism is about expanding our understanding of what is happening in the lives of others. And communicating those stories is what I am passionate about.

I believe capturing these moments of the human existence is the most honest and impressionable form of journalism. The beauty of visual storytelling is its universality. There are no barriers to language, circumstance, or background. I can not think of a better way to communicate a story than being able to see it for yourself. This is my existential way of saying "a photo is worth a thousand words."

I aspire to build a career covering news, conflicts, and social issues as well as making reportage on countries and people. I believe in a strong work ethic and personal growth.  Journalism is the field of life-long-learning and I intend to take every opportunity to learn from my subjects and in my career.

Photo by Liv Paggiarino

Sam Waigand - Visual Journalist

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